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Вы можете указать свои контактные данные и наши специалисты свяжутся с вами в удобное для вас время.

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С подробной информацией о бронировании квартир можно ознакомиться здесь. Информация о порядке заселения здесь, об оплате тут.

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1. In order to book an apartment less than for five days of your stay you can call one day before your arrival the phone +7(495) 763-6353. Booking is free and without an advance payment.

2. If you book an apartment more, than for five days before prospective date of arrival, booking would be possible if your stay will be more than 7 days. It will be necessary to pay in advance an amount of cost of one days of residing; the rest should be paid not later than settlement date in apartment. In case of cancellation of the reservation or changing of residing dates (arrival to later or departure earlier), you wont be able to refund the brought advance payment. If you decide to reduce term of the stay for any reason after payment of residing, you get back the payment for not used days completely, except the penalty at a rate of cost of one residing day.

3. After settlement you will need to pay the monetary deposit of daily residing cost for keys and safety of the property, it will be returned at the moment of departure and keys delivery.

4. The apartment is considered to be reserved after getting the advance payment at a rate of cost of one residing day.

5. If it will be necessary we can prepare accounting documents confirming a rent payment of apartment in Moscow.


1. Wire transfer to our settlement account.

If you choose this way of payment, please call the expert of booking service +7(495)763-6353 for account exhibiting (for legal organizations).

If you are going to pay as a physical person - the bank receipt with requisites can be downloaded here.

2. To exhibit the account and your payment commissions ask our expert +7(495)763-6353; where you can also discuss all details, terms, dates.

3. Cash payment at our office or at actual settling in apartment. (Contract)

4. Payment cards VISA International, MasterCard Worldwide, DINERS CLUB International, JCB International StB-Card.

5. Electronic payment in any branch of Mail of Russia.

6. Transfer through system Western Union or Contact.