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About the company

Our company specializes on searching good apartments foe city visitors, equipped with necessary furniture, home appliances, modern communication facilities and the Internet, and also various means of safety.

Our company will ensure you comfortable residing at the central and historical streets of Moscow close to an infrastructure (museums, exhibitions, business centers, restaurants, stations, the underground).

Having rented apartment in Moscow daily, you have unique possibility of living in a metropolitan mega city. At the same time you can make a pause, have a rest from city vanity, to surround yourself with all conveniences and to live in the rhythm how it is better to you.

Daily rented apartment - irreplaceable alternative to hotels, made for the people appreciating comfort and house cosines.

There is a capital repair in all apartments; therefore it will be pleasant for you not only to be occupied, but also to invite friends and business partners.

The daily rented apartment in Moscow will make you feel safe, convenient and independent.

If you wish to rent in Moscow apartment daily or for a long term, call us, and you receive the operative and qualified help. Our advisers will help to choose the best for you and your business option.

Our motto: Hospitality, prosperity, comfort.

We want to make your stay in capital of Russia unforgettable and impressive.

Thanks for possibility to work for you!