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One-room apartments

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One-room apartment daily

The visitors of our capital are not only tourists who take places in the hotels reserved in advance. There are many businessmen and other people who arrive to Moscow for short time. They need to rent the apartments for days, but, often, there aren’t any places in the hotels and the price policy rather will surprise you. To rent an apartment at the private person - is not always safely, there is a big risk.

There is very convenient and absolutely safe variant - to address in our company. We will make a contract with you and we will give the comfortable apartments in the centre of Moscow, which are located in convenient for your meetings, works and rest places. We offer the completely repaired apartments, arranged with comfortable furniture, all necessary audio-, video- equipment and home appliances, conditioners, Internet Wi-Fi and safety system. Booking and payment does not depend on quantity of visitors living in apartment. Days rent of apartments in Moscowfor short-term residing will allow to the person to feel, as at home, to have a rest in silence after intense day.

You may reserve an apartment in Moscow by phone or online. Our advantages: ease of settling (in day of the reference), high speed of registration, a wide choice of apartments - from one-room to three-rooms.

Renting of apartments in Moscow became fine and convenient alternative to hotels for people who appreciate house comfort and calmness.

Also we render additional services for our clients: transport services (transfers), excursions, a translation service, the food order in apartments.